Wax Melter Instructions & Safety

1.   Place wax melter on a dry, level, heat-resistant surface

2.   Insert probe end of heat control into the melter so the electrical pins are fully inserted into the heat control. Attach the magnetic cord assembly to the heat control by aligning the magnetic coupler end with the two electrical pins on the back of the heat control.

3.   Plug the melter into a 120 a/c electrical outlet only.

4.   During use, the pilot light on the melter will go on and off indicating temperature is being maintained.

5.   When using the melter for the first time, a slight odor or light smoking may occur as manufacturing residue evaporates. This is normal during the initial use.

6.   Add wax to the melter. The melter is capable of holding 6-8 pounds of wax. (You may have to add additional wax as it melts down in the melter.)

7.   Turn the heat control dial to almost 200 on the dial to let the melter get hot and the wax to start melting.

8.   Once wax is melted, heat control dial can be turned to warm. This will keep wax melted.

9.   When wax is melted, turn the spout to open to dispense wax into mixing container. Turn to close when desired amount of wax is in container.

10.        When you are finished with wax, turn heat control dial to “OFF.” If you did not use all of the wax, you can leave it in the pot until your next use.

11.        If you have used all the wax, the melter can be cleaned with hot, soapy water. You can also use a dry cloth to wipe down the melter while the wax residue is still warm. Do NOT immerse the heat control or magnetic cord assembly in water.